Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tex r Cana

I see scary headlines everywhere. They send chills up my spine and cause the hair on my arms to be straight up soldiers. Not a pretty sight. This one involves - texting - another anomaly that can be viewed anywhere and everywhere - even at meetings.

I don't text, never have and quite possibly never will. I don't have anything against texting - even though I thinks it's STUPID. Whatever!!!!

So this dudette is multi-tasking walking and texting and falls off the sidewalk. Sprained the ankle, oh my. I can do that even without texting - so there. I can just imagine what predicament's I would find myself into if I did text. I would spend many hours in the hospital emergency waiting room.

I have seen people texting while driving - worser than driving while on the cell phone. I believe texting is here to stay and will be on the naughty list for quite some time. At least with texting you do not have to listen to a strangers soap opera while riding in the elevator. For that reason - I am happy. Text away............................

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