Friday, July 18, 2008

Cup of Joe

What is it about coffee that energizes me, controls me and gives me a sense of euphoria? The smell alone can send me there. It takes me away - to that place - of total pleasure. Tickling my taste buds with bitterness and sending jolts of energy throughout my system. A quick start, getting the bus moving, on the road, thunder and lightening - rolling down the hill.

The urgency for that cup of early morning brew is over powering and tantalizing. In the morning I sit outside before the sun makes her appearance and sip my dark liquid gold and watch the world begin a new day. It engages my engine, oils my inner working parts (sometimes a little too much) and gives me that jump start charge I need to begin my day.

Life or mornings are not complete without the tar looking mixture. I add lots of creamer to dilute the bitterness of the brew. Although I like that touch of bitterness that pierces my taste buds and slips softly into my system - and I don't know why. It must balance out my chemical imbalance of - need caffeine.

The aroma of coffee in the morning wraps me in peace and happiness. I know not why? Is it an addiction? A necessary substance the body craves? Who cares. I want it and I need it so I drink it and savor every single drop. Gotta love that cup of joe.

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