Sunday, July 6, 2008

Porch People

You know who they are, probably have seen a few and perhaps know one or two. They're not really busy bodies but people who enjoy the world as it passes them by. They wave and smile as you pass by on your way to somewhere or nowhere. They hold the appearance of a contented life with no troubles or worries. Funny thing is we all have troubles and worries. Life is difficult and wonderful.

I used to be a porch person when I lived in the country. I had my comfy wooden rocking chair: it now sits in my outdoor living area and it holds a pot of flowers. It's rotting away from the toil of time, weather and age. I painted it pink. I would sit and watch the grass grow. I was also a back porch person - a place to reflect, meditate and dream. I would watch the birds and the clouds drift by. I would dream of traveling to exotic places and experiencing wild crazy fun.

To be or not to be - a porch person - that is the question? It's not really a question but a state of mind. I don't see as many porch people in the burbs of Florida. It's either too hot or they have gone to the beach. In my area we have the - garage people, similar to porch people. They watch the world fly by from their garage. Whatever? If it makes you happy - go for it.

I don't have a front porch and the garage is not to pleasing to me so I have become a lanai person. I sit there in the morning as the sun creeps over the horizon sipping my coffee and imagine the possibilities. Life is good.

What reminds me of porch people is the huge front porch of Cracker Barrel overflowing with rocking chairs just begging you to sit a spell and watch the world in peace.

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