Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ethel - put your clothes on

There's a large population of nudists in Florida. I'm sure there are nudists other places but I only know Florida. And when you live in Florida the heat can certainly cause you to rip off your clothes and go around buck necked.
I used to frequent a semi, underground, illegal nude beach (I'm not a nudist) in North Carolina. I went there for the peace and quiet. Honest. My swimsuit stayed on. There are some people who should not subject their exposed bodies to the world. And it seems like many nudists fall into that category. You don't usually see the model from Sports Illustrated strutting around the beach with uncovered body parts. It's usually grandpa and his even older honey. Wrinkled, flabby - lets not go there.
The nudists in Florida want to open a nude nursing home. So, I'm wondering about the nurses and staff? Do they prance around totally nude? Where are the pockets for the stethoscope and the prescription pad. My doctor always has his pockets stuffed with stuff. And the old folks - will they wear their depends? You know that saying - 'Over 50 - never trust a fart'.
Will they be barefooted also? Slipping and sliding down the pee lined hallway. Whatever floats your boat. Mine would sink along with me in it or I'd drop my paddle and not be able to retrieve it.
It's a scary thought going to see Gramma in the nursing home in that state of dress or undress. Some people you just shouldn't see buck necked.

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