Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Caylee Anthony

Sometimes you just get this bad feeling - that things ain't right. A little girl goes missing and mom tells no one? Is this a normal reaction? When my children were toddlers if they were mia for a few minutes I was in a tizzy - a total panic.
What's going on with Caylee's mom? She dabs at her minuscule tears in court with very little emotion. She refuses to say anything? That bad feeling seems to be like an evil mist around the entire situation.
What about grandma? If my daughter and my grandchild lived with me and then my grandchild disappeared for weeks wouldn't a light bulb go off? Where did mom get this money to be free for 5 weeks? Why were questions not asked? Perhaps they were? Family dynamics is a strange creature.
I don't mean to be negative or blame or point my finger at people - but hey - what's really going on? Where is Caylee? I would like to smack mom and grandma right up side the head. That's not the legal way. The bad feeling overshadows everything in this case. Sadness - a little girl lost. Where is Caylee?

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