Sunday, July 13, 2008

And then the rain

I'm still home fending for myself and the kid while hubby is off having a time of his life. I've been doing okay up until last night or to be more precise 1 - am this morning. The pool level has been quite high due to the daily afternoon rain showers. Hubby discussed what I needed to do if the pool needed bailing. I was off in lala land paying him no mind - as usual. The pool never overflowed not even during a hurricane. Never say never!!!!
The biggest problem during rainy season is the pool is attached to the house and covered by a screened in bird cage. There is about a three inch height difference from the pool decking to my bedroom floor. The rain outdid the 'raining cats and dogs' comment. It was raining elephants and hippos.
I turned on the outside light to get a peek of the rain and the lightening and then I noticed the water level in the pool. OMG - it was cresting. I ran outside in the cotton nightie and dragged a 2 gallon empty pail and started bailing water out away from the house. My progress was fruitless.
I ran back inside searching for a flash light. Found it - dead batteries. I unlocked the side gate and looked for the hose. Why didn't I pay attention to the old man? He said the hose, turn the nozzle and then can't quite remember. I stuck my face by the end of the hose, raining was plastering huge pellets against my cotton nightie. I looked up at the street light and then across the street. Looks like the neighbors were all snug in their beds -where I should be. The rain beat down so hard I could barely see.
I sloshed back toward the pump and opened the metal door. It creaked and raised the hair on the back of my neck. It was an electrical box and here I stand in 6 inches of water. That combination can't be good for my health. I sucked on the end of the hose thinking it needed to be primed. Not only did it taste nasty it still wasn't pumping our water.
Got to call hubby and tell him my dilemma. Hopefully he won't lecture me. That's what he gets for leaving me all alone with the kid to fend for myself. Ah, yes, the kid, perhaps he will rescue me.
I run inside dripping wet and take the corner a little too fast - down I go on the ceramic tile floor. Ouch. I crawl on the floor and bang on his bedroom door.
I need help with the pool it's overflowing, get up and help me.
"I'm tired."
Not a good thing to say to me in my condition. After a few words - mostly mine he trudges outside with me.
"It's raining. I'll go get an umbrella."
Like we don't have time to get an umbrella, I think to myself. I drag him outside in the monsoon rain to the electric box and tell him he needs to push the switch to the left. I say this with a smirk as we are both standing in ankle high water. He gives me that look, so I flip the switch and don't die.
I grab the hose and watch as water flows out the end. The kid disappears into the darkness. I stand beneath the street light feeling a little like a drowned rat. I slosh back through the water in the yard and hope I don't see a snake.
I toss my wet clothes in the shower and put on a dry silky nightie. I climb back into bed and listen to the rain beat ferociously against the pool deck and cringe when I hear the thunder. The lightening sends me under the covers. Some time during the early morning hours I drift into dreamland that somehow becomes a nightmare.
When the sun splashes across the side yard I roll over and look at the pool level. Oops. I should have turned off the pump a little sooner. A pessimist would say the pool is half empty while the optimist like myself would say - oh shit.

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