Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lost in Space

I was assaulted today - BIG TIME - by oldheimers disease. I drove to court and - lucky me - found an empty spot - right by the main entrance. And let me tell you that only happens on a blue moon. Usually I park out in the back 50, and I'm usually late and need to take a tram to the main doors. Not that their is a tram available.
So I snapped up that sweet spot - beaming like a jack-o-lantern on Halloween. And in I went. The buzzer went off again but this time I had stockings on so removing the shoes wasn't too bad and I wasn't late. YEHAW.
I left the court house with blue skies and white puffy clouds greeting me with the warmth of the afternoon. It was a beautiful day. I looked for the truck. OMG - it was gone. My first thought was someone had stolen it and inside was my cellphone and my wallet, holy crap. I wandered aimlessly around the gigantum parking lot. I pressed the alarm button on my keypad and listened - nothing. Yep, someone must have stolen it. It was hot walking all over hells acre.
The light bulb went on inside and illuminated the darkness of my feeble mind. Ah, yes, I parked the old girl somewhere else. Where? I walked by many rows and looked for the blue beauty with the roof rack. It seems like it would stand out in a crowd - but NO. I hit the alarm button again, and then remembered it doesn't work. Have to get that fixed - like real soon. Finally after blisters on my feet, drenched in perspiration I spotted her - certainly that was not where I left her?

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