Friday, July 4, 2008

Crocs Shoe Fetish

Something stinks in the rose garden. I can feel the vibes. I try to be an organized individual. When I take off my glasses they are always put in the same place. Scissors go in the scissors drawer, car keys are hung by the front door and my house shoes (Crocs skutes) are always left right next to my bed. Today, they were no where to be found. I smell a rat or a Crocs thief.

Hubby refuses to even look at Crocs,, when we go to the shoe store for my shoe fix. He says they are not a manly shoe. What does he know, he's not a shoe connoisseur. He has two pairs of shoes compared to my 22 (okay 50) pairs.

I tell him how comfy and versatile they are but he will not budge from that perch of denial. I point out other manly looking men who wear Crocs but still he resists. When we go walking on the beach me with my Crocs - I walk in the water (definitely not on the water) breeze through the crushed shells and climb mountains. All with Crocs hugging my happy feet. Last week he cut his foot on a seashell because he was shoeless. His leather Kino sandals are not water proof. Kino sandals are one of my favorites but they are not waterproof. This terrific footwear is made on the back streets of Key West right before your eyes.

Back to the issue that something smells pungent. My Crocs were not in their normal position. They were missing. I faulted myself for not leaving them in their normal resting spot. I searched all the places I may have left them. Nothing! Gone like the rain. I'm a mad woman with lost shoes on her mind. Yes, I could always buy another pair but these were my favorite. And they are gone.

And then, I saw them, and him. The old fart had on my Crocs. He who would not be caught in public with any type of Crocs was strolling around the yard in MY Crocs. I yelled and demanded MY Crocs back and half-heartily he returned them. I felt rather happy that he had come over to my side but annoyed that he would not purchase his own. I went about my business and a few minutes later he comes walking by with another pair of my Crocs on (I have many). Now that's just plain wrong. Off we go to the store to purchase his own pair of Crocs. and feet off of mine.

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