Sunday, July 20, 2008

Manhole Covers

I've read recently that people are stealing manhole covers and turning them in to scrap metal dealers for money. Apparently lots of money. I do believe that stealing is WRONG but the issue here, for me, is not the theft. They are stealing 'manhole' covers. Hello?

While traveling down the roads we will see new signs that say - 'Workers', - not 'Men Working'. It seems like 'Men Working is a sexual term and today many women do work road construction - so the signs, "Men Working', offends them. It has been changed. I bet you could sell those 'Men Working' signs for a pretty penny. If only I knew before. I could retire and live off the profits.

My complaint to the world will be a name change for 'Manhole Covers'. I want a new law enacted that does not permit anyone to use that term. I find that wording sexist and offensive. I wish to start a campaign to change the verbiage. And anyone caught using that old verbiage -'Manhole Cover', will be punished severely. How, I'm not really sure yet.

I urge everyone to write to their Congress Person, State Representative and even the president if necessary to make this new law and ease my sorrow.

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