Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sunday Rose

A rose by any other name is not a rose. What's in a name? What tragedy do we lay upon our offspring?
My niece's baby was born in August and she named her September. Questions came to my mind. My sister was born in December and her middle name is May.
A co worker's first born daughter was born in April and she named her Jennifer. Her second daughter was born in January and she named her April. I once met a man and his name was August, he was born in June. I called him June. I went to school with two young ladies (not related) and their names were May Flowers and April Showers. Now we have an earthy element added to a calendar element. Add an Apple and we satisfy our hunger.
And some of us remember Tuesday Weld and Sergeant Friday, their television programs were on Saturday.
I'm wondering if Nicole Kidman's daughter was born on Monday in a rose garden? I wonder if Keith Urban will sing to his daughter the song 'Calendar Girl'? My mind wanders and wonders more than 7 days a week and twelve months a year. I have named none of my children or pets after days, months or fruit.

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