Tuesday, July 15, 2008


'The truth shall set you free'. From what? And I have been told many a time that -nothing is free. If I truly want something FREE - I will talk a walk, enjoy the beauty and relax - and at times this may not always be free. There's the toll on the Suncoast Parkway and then the toll to get in the park and the cost of a cold drink and snack. So it's not always free. Life is tuff.

What do I want to be free from? Taxes, the high price of gas, turbulent teenagers and a dog that pees on the floor. I do love the dog.

Will free make me happy? No bills to pay, no charge for overdraft or going over the minutes on our cell phone plan and being totally ripped off. Does free mean I don't have to go to work today?

Does free mean happiness and peace of mind or a good nights' sleep? Even a good nights' sleep will cost you. You need a comfy bed, soft Egyptian cotton sheets, a memory foam pillow and silky pj's.
"Free as a bird.' Perhaps if you're not locked up in a cage in someones garage or at a zoo. And a bird during hunting season. Oh no.
Free is a state of mind - a place to go where we can imagine and create fantasies and reality, find a parking spot near the front entrance of the mall on a rainy day or use the spell checker.
Free is living life with a passion, stepping in mud puddles, crying over spilt milk and missing the hubby.

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