Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Tiny Step For Mankind or Womenkind

I have been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and trying to grasp the full meaning. It has been a difficult journey and I am still on the road. It's a small book overflowing with intensity and foreign concepts. You must believe - is the core of the philosophical findings.
At times it is hard to believe in something I cannot see or touch. The essence of the book takes us far beyond touching or seeing. I live in a pretend world so I am able to comprehend parts of the book.
This morning as I lay in bed dealing with the remains of my sinus infection ( I tried to will it away without any satisfaction) a humble mosquito became my focus. I heard the buzzing by my ear and swatted into the air. Seconds later the buzzing was back - nasty little bugger must have 9 lives like a cat. I swatted again and again, surely I could smush him in my hand. The buzzing continued.
I thought about this tiny little critter flying around in my large room looking to suck some blood. At that point in time I could relate myself to the expansive universe. How tiny and small I am compared to the vastness of the universe. If a minuscule mosquito can find his satisfaction in a large area surely I can find my own satisfaction in our gigantic universe.
I am feeling more confident now - thanks to a tiny mosquito that I eventually smushed. This maneuver also reminds me of my vulnerability. My understanding of the Secret has moved me closer to Nirvana. I ask the universe for energy.

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