Monday, August 11, 2008

Reinvent the wheel

I certainly do not want to reinvent the wheel - although the notoriety and fame would be great. I just want to invent a business opportunity for myself and by myself. Everywhere I look some one is offering me a way to make thousands of dollars - the catch is I have to buy their method. And there are hundreds if not more people out there wanting you to buy THEIR system and most are around $50 bucks. Light bulb goes off!!!! That's how they are making money selling something usually unworkable to other people.
They have testimonials and copies of their wealth posted for the suckers to drool over. The excitement builds, the anticipation explodes and wham! you buy in to their dream that you think is really your dream. They get richer and you have been suckered.
I have found some sites that offer FREE advice - yehaw - my kind of community. This very morning I came across some wise strategies. I will share and not charge unsuspecting dreamers a fortune in vain.

The video link.

You tell people...
1. Here's what I have
2. Here's what it will do for you
3. Here's what I want you to do next

Yes, it's simple, but as a very basic premise, it's a powerful process.

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