Monday, August 4, 2008

Eleanor Roosevelt

I am so NOT BRAVE!!! So when I read this blog - I decided to face my closet demons - head on.

"Do one thing everyday that scares you," inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt. At times just getting my body out of bed scares me. Then, once out I am forced to face life and what she has dished out to me. I prefer to ignore things that give me negative feelings or thoughts. Let me find my rock and crawl under it, shut the door, pull down the shades and turn off the lights, even darkness is scary. You just can't hide forever so face the scary stuff. Easier said than done!!!

Today - I will try, move forth and confront the barriers. Find a way around them, through them or remove them.

I can make my own rules for this endeavor. I can set my own schedule, time frame, rewards, benefits and achievements. It's me accepting my power and going forth into the dark abyss or just making that phone call. I can and I will.

Writing a blog can be scary at times. Will anyone read it? What to do with negative comments? What will I say?
I blog for me, it's therapy and it doesn't involve co payments or prying eyes of the medical field. It helps me be me.

So - I will try for one month to -Do one thing everyday that scares me. Now, to go clean out my closet.

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