Tuesday, August 5, 2008


What is that strange word? Staycations. Some would like for us to think it's all about staying green, helping the local economy, stress free vacations and enjoying nature - and it is true. But the true meaning of staycations = we can't afford the gas to drive anyplace, the airline tickets are too high and our income has not increased.
So, we opt to take a vacation at home or at a local park. We can have a barbecue, take a family hike around the park, ride our bikes on a trail or lounge lazily in the backyard hammock. Very little investment is spent on these staycations and the stress - well - the bike has a flat tire, my hiking boots are moldy and beef prices are beyond my means. Hello - there is still stress on a staycations.
We need to make the best of our staycations. Pretend your backyard sits along the Florida Keys and your pool boy will be there at a moments notice and the gourmet chef is your significant other. I am all for relaxing times at home but I still want the adventure the intrigue that comes from visiting new places NOT the local doggy park. Watch where you step.
Staycations are here to stay for many of us. I will get lost in a great book, prop my feet up and drink my margarita out of a green plastic cup and pretend I'm in a tropical paradise.


All Rileyed Up said...

Margarita and a book sounds like what I'd do on a vacation anyways.

Condo Blues said...

Staycations don't have to suck or be a hardship. Several years ago, I staycated before staycatiosn were cool. My husband and I had a big list of "Hey we should check that out when we get the chance" of various things around my city. We took a couple of days off of work and went through the list. Some of the stuff was free like walking around our arts district, some were frou-frou like checking out a yuppie supermarket and buying frou-frou food for a great dinner in, and some was just total low brow kitsch, just for fun.