Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to get stupid w/o trying

About a month ago I wandered into this tacky tourist trap gift emporium. My eyes were magnetized to this cute little necklace. It was silver (not sterling) and had this delicate little silver flip-flop charm.
I snatched that baby up cuz it matched my silver (sterling) flip-flop earrings. I felt flip-flop coordinated. I put it on and then go about my life. Every once in a blue moon my hand reached up to caress the silver gem. I never removed it from my bod. I should add that I have been a pool lizard lounger all summer. You know - water with enough chemicals in it to turn my hair white.
I slipped into a very summery low cut dress this morning. For some strange reason I checked myself in the mirror - close-up and personal. I noticed this haze around my silver (not sterling) necklace. I popped in my contacts for a better view. I lifted up the silver (not sterling) necklace and screamed!!! OMG!!! I had green ring around the neck.
How long have I been like this? Just last week I got a haircut and she never mentioned to me about my green halo and I gave her a huge tip.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to remove green around the collar? Long time - I ended up removing layers of my skin. Now I can be called a redneck.

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