Friday, August 15, 2008

Web of Terror

My biggest fear in life is - snakes. I see one and then go straight to the panic mode. I am unable to get over my fear - or total terror. My second critter fear is spiders. They creep me out, especially the big ones.

We have two medium size spiders playing dead at the bottom of the pool. I know they are faking it because if I were to go in the water they would attack me - for sure. I don't care that they have been hanging out in the same place for three days. They are stalking me!

This morning I walk to the pool thinking about taking a quick dip, although it is raining and I could get wet? There is this spidersaurus swimming in the pool. He's huge!!! He's alive!!!

Scratch that idea of taking an early morning dip. What scares me more is taking an evening dip and not properly checking out the wild waters. I will search the depths with a flashlight before I enter the waters next time.

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