Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fay - in her path of destruction

I've heard numerous stories about the sound one hears just before a tornado strikes. High pitched locomotive sound. That suggestive talk is printed sharply in my mind.
Fay has sprouted many tornadoes in her wake throughout Florida. So I am on storm alert with the train sounds tucked away inside my pink mass.
This beautiful and windy morning I get up and trot to the pool for my morning dip. The waters a bit cold. I begin to walk slowly (cuz it's sooo cold) down the steps into the pool. I hear this sound - Is it a train? I don't live anywhere near a train track. I'm completely submerged in the water now and the sound grows louder.
Rescue workers will find my battered body floating face up in this pool if I don't act with urgency. I race out of the pool, grab my towel and run for cover. I listen as the garbage truck passes by my home. Well, it sounded like a train. I feel I was being proactive.

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