Thursday, August 7, 2008

Garlic Moon

I was floating quietly in the pool on my wonderful blue foam raft that hubby bought me for my birthday, just veggin out after a tough day at the office, trying to meditate and chill out, thinking about the good times that are sure to roll my way real soon and save me from purgatory so I can enjoy the good life and become a lady of leisure, and have all my wants and desires served to me on a silver platter (sterling) expensive chocolates and fruity fru fru drinks sitting by the poolside with no clouds in the sky, and wish upon a star - and then I saw it!

I was so mystified that I almost fell off my wonderful blue foam raft that hubby bought for my birthday but really wanted it for himself and I hardly ever get to use it because he's usually cruising the pool on it with his un fruity fru fru drink perched on the edge of the pool trying to veg out but he's not a vegetarian like me, only now it is referred to as a plant based diet, who knows where that term came from.

I looked up toward the heavens and saw the moon which didn't even look like a moon but truly looked like a giant clove of garlic suspended in mid air with bright strands of light surrounding the giant clove of garlic. I was so impressed that a moon could be so garlic-like or that my imagination has taken a turn down a curvy unpaved country road in the middle of the city, so perhaps I have discovered another planet or an alien spaceship while lounging on my wonderful blue foam raft waiting to be beamed up and begin my new life on an unknown universe but then I remembered that all alien space craft are sent to site 51 so this really must be a garlic moon and it is not made out of cheese like some say and I know from reading Anne Rice novels that garlic is said to keep vampires and other cruel ugly monsters away as they are repelled from the odor that to me is not offensive and I love garlic and I love looking up at my garlic moon while floating aimlessly on my wonderful blue foam raft that hubby purchased for my last birthday, in the pool in the dark of the night with no stars in the sky just an occasional plane flying low over the gulf passing silently in front of the garlic moon and my imagination.

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