Thursday, August 7, 2008

Swim Naked

Florida living - for me - requires an in ground pool covered by a pool cage. A pool boy would be wonderful but, that ain't going to happen any time soon. However - there are some disadvantages to pool ownership. Not having a pool boy is not one of them.
The massive amounts of chemicals we dump in the pool has its consequences. We have friends who recently installed a salt system to their backyard oasis. The gap between us and the friends would be they have money to toss to the winds. So we survive with the chlorine laden water.
Chlorine has a devastating effect on swim attire, especially black attire. I do believe I could lie in the sun clad in my black bikini and get a tan right through the material. I know you can buy tan through swim wear at a hefty price. I bypassed that strategy by wearing my full length - skirt included swim wear in the pool for an entire year. The ravages of time have turned my suit into a skimpy see through stretched out barely acceptable rag.
It doesn't matter the quality or price of the swimsuit, the downfall and degradation of the weave is always there. So, trying to be green and save money (for that salt system) I have banned the wearing of swim wear in my backyard pool. I'm sure the neighbors get a good laugh. Actually we put up privacy screens around the lanai. One could be arrested for swimming ala naturelle in public. And the old guy next door may collapse from a coronary after taking in the view.
So irrational thoughts have swirled around inside my head, much like the automatic pool cleaner,( that does a sucky job but cost a small fortune) about starting a begging website for my needs. I heard there are many sites like that out there. One person had a blog for 'help me buy a boob job'. Whatever! I'm rather afraid that others will not fully understand my need for the salt system and not support my endeavor.
I have decided to toss in the towel and become a full time naked swimmer. Since I will not have to purchase that yearly $40.00 swimsuit I can pocket the money in a salt system account. Now - do the math - System - $4,000. - equals $40.00 a year times how many years? I'm thinking I will get there faster with a begging website.
Swim naked and save Lycra.

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