Tuesday, October 26, 2010


There are many disappointments in life - just suck it up - go on - keep on truckin. I felt mine last night. I was so excited - charged - revvvved up and full of enthusiasm - then the axe fell. It was a slow fall so it took me awhile before the realization hit me. Actually it was when I became bombarded with mosquito's and they were eating me alive. So out of the pool I got. Uable to accomplish my goal.

7:22 in the south-south-west sky was the flight pattern. South-south?

What? Isn't south - south? Whatever. Why not just south-west? Perhaps I wasn't south enough.My strategy was to float in the pool gaze up at the heavens - south - south - west and watch for the space station to pass over me. It was going to be an awesome sight. But then those dang mosquito's started sucking blood - probably getting ready for Halloween. Floating in the pool became difficult.

I flipped off the raft and only kept my head above the water. Those little buggers were a buzzin around my head flying in my ears like they were at a drive thru window at a fast food restaurant. It really knocked my concentration for a sky dive.

Then, I saw the light. The light belonged to a plane. Then more lights - more planes. It was like Grand Central Station up in the south-south-west airways. What in hill are all those planes doing up there when the space station should be traveling by.

Then way -way far up in the clouds I saw a tiny little beam of light and my imagination swelled and I knew it just must be the space station drifting along. That's my thought and I'm holding on to it. Then the little light was gone drifting behind the pink of a very large cloud. And those dang mosquito's went to town on my ear lobes.

So I give in to the critters of the night and the stream of planes flashing high in the night sky and climb out of the pool. Disappointment washes over me but does little to ease the red bumps that are covering my wet body. Maybe in another 20 years I will get the chance to see the space station as it cruise by on its way to somewhere where mosquito's don't roam.

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