Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stars in the sky

I'm sitting outside in the wee hours of this beautiful Saturday morning - still dark and quiet as if the world has yet to begin. I hear the water sprinklers and the cat on the deck barfing but no other sounds to paint the early morning.

I look up at the sky with the crescent shaped moon surrounded by stars and planets and an occasional plane sailing silently through the sky to places unknown. I always wonder where they are going and wishing it was me. I used to wish on the first star I saw at night but then I grew up. Actually sometimes I still make wishes on that first evening star. But this morning the sky is filled with stars and it's not a time for wishing but enjoying the moment.

Looking south right over the tops of the palm trees I see a star or perhaps a planet as it is sooo big. It's flashing. At first I think it's a plane but it doesn't move it just flashes. I rub the early morning sleepiness from my eyes but still it flashes. Far off to my left I see another flash but it moves so it must be a plane? Is it? I wonder.

My mind wanders and I think about the new planet that the news says it right for human habitation. I wonder if this flashing planet or star is advertising for people to come and visit? Or is it an alien ship spying on what we do in the dark hours of the new day. I drink my coffee laced with hazelnut cream and stare at the flashing orb and try not to be hypnotized.

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