Monday, October 25, 2010

Humidity Hell

The humidity is back with a BANG! We had a little reprieve for a few days and that felt sooooo good. The pool was a bit cold but it is the end of October.

So what I dislike the most about humidity is the way it makes you feel and drip as if you were a slow moving waterfall. The problem with the drip-drip-drip is that it drips right down your face. That in itself makes wearing glasses in Florida extremely difficult. I walk around experiencing life in a fog. I trip, fall and stumble sometimes over my own feet.

Back to the humidity - it's tiring, yucky and it makes you smell like a dead animal. Your hairs soaked, your clothes are soaked and you just want to stay inside where it's cool. Or it would be if I turned the air condition on. But it's October almost November - how can I turn on the air?

I should be thankful my driveway is not covered in snow. I am - I am!!!!!

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