Saturday, October 16, 2010

Can't find the moon

I can't find the moon. It's gone - lost in space. Maybe it fell into the black hole or some deep dark abyss. I saw it just the other night. Saw the twinkle in his eye and that little tell tale of a smirk frothing at his lip. Was that smirk something of what was to come? Did he know he would hide from me this morning?

I'm sitting outside guzzling my morning coffee - trying to get my engine revved up to start the day. The sky is beautiful loaded with stars and other planets - looks like no clouds to hide behind. But he's not there.... Stars are sparkling, planes are buzzing quietly through the skies - but NO moon.

I read somewhere that during the month of October some planet - the name of which has slipped my weary mind - was going to be very-very visible right beneath the moon. So now what? No moon around. How can I gaze at this planet? This other universe where somebody may be gazing back at me.

How rude of the moon to play this trick on me and hide. Is this intentional? Is this to confuse my mind more than it already is. I have been wandering around in the dark in my backyard - searching for his glow and smiling face. I have no idea what the neighbors are thinking. And why do they have no concerns over the missing moon? Have they no life?

I'll check one more time before the morning swims across the sky and slowly covers all the stars and planets from view. Perhaps tonight or tomorrow morning he will show his face and I can see that planet of which name I cannot remember but just have to see. I need patience or a telescope. What will the neighbors be thinking then?

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