Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Away

I really don't care for telemarketers. I understand everyone needs to survive and make a living but leave me alone. With the Do Not Call list I believe it has impacted those telemarketer jobs. So they have tried a new tactic. Knocking on your door,

Personally I do not feel secure opening my door to total strangers especially when I am home alone. Too much crap goes on in the outside world. When someone rings my bell I look out the kitchen window to see if I know who it is. If I don't too bad I do not answer my door. Unfortunately if I'm in the front part of the house I need to go to the door and look out the window next to the door.

This morning that happened - I went to the door looked out and a young kid was standing at my door talking on his cell phone with a flyer in his hand. First - how dare you invade my home space talking on your cell phone. If you are selling something all the attention should be on the prospective customer. Second - where is your vehicle and why are you walking door to door?

Solicitor sees me and holds up his flyer while still chatting on the cell phone and says something about tree service. I politely say - "No thanks, I don't need anything." A few minutes later I look out side and the turd has dropped his flyer by my front door. RUDE. Something is wrong here and I don't think it's me.

So to get myself out of my annoying, negative bad mood I look at a flower photo I took this weekend and think - HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!!!

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