Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Headache from hell

I received my flu shot yesterday. OUCH!!! Only compromised (yet again) because my doctor said I need it because of my asthma. Do I really? I wonder.
Is it a conspiracy? Am I paranoid. Probably....

Today I feel like CRAP. Due to the flu shot? I wonder.
The left arm is a little tender but tolerable. It's the ferocious headache that I woke up with in the wee hours of the morning. What's that all about? I felt fine yesterday BEFORE the shot. Is it all in my head?

Moving on ... with life... trying to forget about the pounding in my head and trying ever so to think happy thoughts........I go outside and look up in the sky for the show that has been promised. The entire sky is a mass of clouds. I can see nuttin honey.

This is not the way to start a day. Feeling like CRAP and missing the once in a lifetime sky show. Think good thoughts - think good thoughts. Get some chocolate....

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