Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Souls 4 Soles

Alright the flu shot reaction is almost done. I'm over that. Get on with life and hit all the stumbling blocks.

I know it's wrong to laugh and make fun of people BUT sometimes I just have NO control. Take this morning for instance....Hubby has decided to wear some of his old shoes to work - and his old shoes are almost brand new. He had a pile of barely worn shoes locked away in his closet and this past weekend he dragged them out. Every day this week he has worn a different pair of shoes.

This morning he had on a pair of Bass Shoes that looked brand spanking new. Not a scratch on them buggers. And the looked nice on him. So - he walks to the front door and trips on something. I see from my spot on the couch and it looks like he trips over a pair of flip flops. We be bad because we both leave them all over the house and outside. Who knows why?

I stifle a little giggle cuz I know they ain't my flip flops he's tripped over. Then he trips again. Must be the second flip flop. He almost takes one down at the end zone. Stifle another giggle. Then he's all feet and shoes and these things that look like flip flops but they are not! they are the soles of his almost never worn shoes.

The soles of these shoes were glued and came right off. So here he is dancing a jig by the front door on the way to work in falling apart shoes. And there I sit laughing my behind off on the couch. No human was harmed during this incident - just needed to clarify that aspect. It did seem kind of funny. It might have been funnier if the soles waited till he was at work to remove themselves from the shoes.

Am I sorry for laughing at his predicament. Absolutely - well perhaps not - it was funny.

We will need to go shoe shopping this weekend.......I am rather disappointed in Bass shoes.

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