Sunday, October 3, 2010

The secret life of trees

Yesterday - I got up - got dressed and drove from one side of the state to the other - from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. Actually I didn't drive - hubby did. I sat with my still hurting/healing foot propped up on the dashboard. We left the new guy Russ home to fend for himself. He had the kitty to keep him company but not too sure how that scenario went off. The house was still intact when we returned and kitty had all of her fur.

We went to Flagler Beach a very old Florida town with old world Florida charm. The ocean was not lined with condos and high rises and the buildings were painted lively colors and very unique. The purpose for our cross state journey was to see a showing put on by a never met photographer/artist. Robert Douglas Dalles.

The GOLA gallery (Gallery of local art) - almost hidden off the street - well we had a difficult time finding the building but then sometimes we can't find the remote for the T.V. The gallery was filled with artistic delight including the amazing photographs of one Robert Douglas Dalles. We purchased his book and he signed it - just for us.

'The Secret Life Of Trees' is a collection of images that reach inside of you and pierce your soul. It's like they are alive - breathing and watching your reactions and then pulling you into their world. Almost like a Twilight Zone movie. I had this overwhelming feeling I could walk right into one of his photo's and have a life. The 3 D quality of the images had a tantalizing effect. I wanted to reach out and touch but I didn't because signs in the gallery said to 'please not touch the artist work'. Okay I was assuming they didn't have any cameras hooked up so I touched a few including the edges of the photographs. I hope my mug shot doesn't end up on the 'Cops' series.

I was impressed and in awe of these life like images and the artist himself. I also met his lovely wife/model, Ann Marie. This creative artist made his model/wife breathe life into a still photo. How amazing is that.

Then we ate a luscious lunch at the 'Blue' right on the edge of the ocean. A wonderful day. My mind wanders back to the image of two tall palm tress and I swear they were moving and I just wanted to step between those two trees into the secret life of trees.

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