Wednesday, October 6, 2010

People of Walmart Alert

Got the stitches removed today....OUCH!!!! Hurt like hill!!!!

The toes still don't move and the ankle moves about a hair's width but it feels good to get that clunky boot off. Movement will return - eventually. I'm hoping the tumor and the pain never return.

On the way to the doctor's office I stopped at the post office. When I go to Walmart I know what to expect. People - odd people to be more precise - that must include me because I do frequent Wally World on occasion. One gets used to the oddballs cruising Walmart by their state of dress or at times undress.
The first photo is quite offensive but this is what they wear.

Slippers, pajamas, bathing suits, shoeless, tank top so short and tight that the huge muffin top flopping over the side looks like a dead beluga whale. Not that I have ever seen a dead beluga whale but I'm sure that's what it would resemble.

Then we have the pants hanging desperately around the knees with the sometimes boxers showing and sometimes NOT. That's when one gets a view of the plumbers pod. The hairy butt crack is the size of the Grand Canyon. A sight to behold.

So I was a little taken aback this morning at the post office when I see this man with his shirt and shorts on inside out with the tags hanging down. He didn't look old and senile. He looked like a person that could dress himself right side out. Perhaps it's a new fashion statement or maybe the inside was too dirty to wear and he turned it inside out. It was a Walmart flashback.

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