Tuesday, October 5, 2010

1-2 buckle that shoe

Tomorrow it's off to the foot doctor for the second week check-up. The pain has eased up still can't put any weight on the foot which makes it really difficult. Those midnight trips to the bathroom take a long time. It's dark and don't want to turn on the light and wake hubby up so I search the floor for the ten pound boot that needs to go on my foot every time I walk. Then in the dark I struggle to put the darn thing on - all this just to tinkle. GGGRRRR.

So the foot hasn't been washed in two weeks - phew!!! Strict instructions -Do not get it wet. I have followed the doctor's orders. It sure ain't my fault if I have a smelly foot when he checks it over and hopefully takes out all those stitches that are itching like CRAZY.

This lifestyle of keeping off the foot and keeping that foot up in the air is frustrating. How many more weeks of this? Grin and bear it. Now my ankle hurts from dragging around in this weighted boot. And my right knee is being cranky. What's next an ankle and knee replacement?
Stop whining and focus on the positive side of life. I have Pepsi in the fridge.

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