Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ode to the mop

I need a haircut....Desperately!!! It's hanging in my face. I can't even see to sweep the kitchen floor. Well, I know how to remedy that situation.

I go outside and the wind blows my lofty locks right across my face. I push them back with my hand but what if I were going someplace in a convertible with the top down? Then - I couldn't see where to turn. Since I don't own a convertible that will not be an issue.

I have no hair clips to pin back the unruly mass. I could slip on my visor but that gives me visor hair. I need this cut. It's driving me CRAZY.....

I wonder if duct tape works on hair. NOT. Okay I'm heading for the hedge clippers to do this baby in.

Someone call the hair police......

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