Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fairy Tales do come true

Life all by itself can be a rough road to traverse. Detours, unsavory conditions, stressers, financial woes, despair, road blocks, issues and let us not forget the family. So following the path of life without any stumbles can be at times difficult and traumatic. Such as what happened to me this very morning on my road in life: reality of living life jumped up and hit me smack in the face. Actually it didn't hit me in the face but the reaction snarled across my face.

Florida can be wonderful, quiet, hot, peaceful, relaxing and somewhat like traveling in a dangerous jungle. Take my backyard as an example - it's full of weeds - can't grow any grass here. The water restrictions puts a damper on growing lush green grass and then the heat burns it to a crispy long forgotten corn field. Not that we can grow corn in our backyard. We grow weeds pretty good and not the weeds you smoke. I think that cash crop does well in California. This is Florida - the land of the sand spurs.

Now if sand spurs was a cash crop or illegal - we would be right on the money!!! But NO - sand spurs are not profitable or fun. They are a pain in the tush or to be exact a pain in the privates. So this morning my world such as it is - crashed. Crashed by a sand spur. One deadly-nasty-ugly-hurtful-tiny little bugger that sets the world on fire. Not flames and fire but a stabbing fire that sears right through the skin directly to all of your tender zones. And these little buggers are smaller than a pea. Which reminds me of the fairy tale about the princess and the pea with of course the evil step mother or mother-in-law. Fairy tales kind of lump togeter all motherly females as evil characters. What's that all about?

Now, everything is clearer since I have brought back memories of the fairy tale - The Princess and the Pea. She couldn't sleep due to ONE pea placed under a gazillion mattresses which really means she is a true princess because she can still feel the pain of the pea beneath all those mattresses. Her true identity resolved she can now marry the Prince possibly live happily ever after with that witch of a mother-in-law.

I know I am not even close to princess material so that is why I am confused that one little-tiny-teeny sand spur could cause me so much pain and trauma. And how did that little bitty bugger get stuck in my undies? Try walking around with a sand spur in your silkies. I wonder if some evil character put this deadly prickly devise in my unmentionables? Perhaps I really am a Princess......but I will never kiss a frog.

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