Monday, October 18, 2010

It's 5 O'clock Somewhere

I wish I was Jimmy Buffett...well maybe not. I wish I was his friend his best buddy. Can a girl be a guy's best buddy? Maybe we could hang out - chill - sing silly songs. Wait I can't sing.

If we were buds then he could introduce me to one of his other buds - Carl Hiaasen.

WOW. Then I could hang out with both of them. I found out recently that ole Jimmy is an author also. I will have to read his books. I mean if we will be buds we need a connection. And I don't normally do margaritas but I could.......

So why did my mind wander to the far fetched idea about being best buds with Jimmy and Carl...???? Hubby bought two DVD's one is ' HOOT' starring Jimmy Buffett - written by Carl Hiassen. The other DVD is HOLES can't make a connection to that movie and my social life. Wait - brain flash or perhaps brain dimmer. There are ant holes in my back yard. Now I see the connection

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