Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fountain of Youth

We went park hopping this past holiday weekend. One stop was at Blue Springs state park in Orange City near Deland, Florida. It was awesome. Hubby went swimming in the crystal clear spring water (72 degrees). Is he nuts or what? After the swim he mentioned his hair was fluffy from the spring water. I never knew he even thought about his hair.

Day two we went to DeLeon Springs state park. The highly claimed 'Fountain of Youth' that Poncey is said to have found. I soaked my feet in the fountain of youth to mend my bad big toe. Big bad toe is still big and bad. I never win with lottery tickets either.

We rented a paddle boat to tour the river. Not an easy task to steer the boxy barge. I have this light bulb go off inside my head - it was dark and cloudy but no lightning yet. So it was one of my thoughts and not a storm. Well, sometimes my thoughts are stormy but.... I'm thinking we could paddle with a paddle boat up the Intracoastal waterway from Florida to North Carolina and get in the Guinness Book of Records.

We would need sponsors and lots of them. I would surely need to make a hefty profit off of this adventure to even consider it. Imagine being in the Guinness book of Records for paddling that far - in a tippy - uncooperative plastic boat. Perhaps it was lightning flashing and not my scattered brain.

While paddling with a group of other paddle boat enthusiasts - they came across a baby gator. That's him to the right of the photo. I wonder how many gators we would encounter on our trip up the Intracoastal waterway? Maybe I should think about the excursion.

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