Friday, June 18, 2010

Code Red

Being Floridian flatlanders - I guess we be knowning not much about them their mountains in Georgia. We see this sign that says 'Soapstone' Welcome - Free Information. So I'm thinking it's a 'Welcome' center to the Georgia mountains.

It's about 9 AM and the gate is closed. HMMMMM. There is a very nice gentleman in front of us in a truck. Perhaps he is a mountain man? He gives us the code to enter the gate and in we drive. #1003 Mountain man in the truck is nowhere to be seen. We start driving around looking for a building and we see nothing but houses and an office that says Real Estate Office.

Now we're thinking this ain't no Welcome center and off we go back to the gate to exit the premises before we are abducted. Hubby punches in the code #1003 and nothing happens. Often he gets confused so I get out and punch in the code. Nothing. The gate is motionless. So here we sit in the truck early in the morning on private property where we obviously do not belong stuck on the wrong side of the tracks or locked gate.

I look at another sign that states - Video Surveillance - we are watching you. Okay. I look around for the hidden camera and it must be hidden up on a tree limb or something. So I start to do jumping jacks so the fool sitting in some windowless room watching the surveillance camera sees we are in distress. Nothing. No gate movement no security force descending down upon us to toss us out.

I instruct hubby to hop over the fence (8 feet) he's a good athlete and try the code on the outside to see if the gate opens. He sprints (not exactly) over the fence. He punches in the code and the gate opens and I put the pedal to the metal and hit the road. I think I hear the sounds of banjo's behind me.

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