Monday, June 21, 2010

Goats on the roof

I like tourist traps - the tackier the better. Like Pedro at 'South of the Border' in South Carolina and 'Hole in the Wall' in Utah. 'Perry's Nut House' somewhere in one of the New England states - don't remember which state but I remember the store. Bought the kids t-shirts that said - 'I escaped from Perry's Nut House'. They are just a fun place to visit. I found another tourist destination in Tiger, Georgia. Tiger is near Helen, Georgia. It was cute. Beyond the cute I bought this really, really awesome t-shirt. On the back it says - "Old Goat's Wife'. LOL. 'Goats on the Roof.'

Besides memorable t-shirt's they have Amish food -mmmmmm. The cheese curd was heavenly. Fantastic Amish furniture and Goats on the roof. Yep, a roof covered with grass and goats a grazing on them.
And the website plays dueling banjo's - scary - very, very scary. I think they have a t-shirt that says - 'Keep Paddling I Hear Banjo Music.'

Mine for gems at this fantastic location. Get some red Georgia dirt on your hands. Wash off the dirt with some homemade 'lye' soap.

Anyhew - ifn your in the mountains of northern Georgia, Tiger, Georgia to be exact - git r done and visit 'Goats on the Roof'. Don't forget to feed them there goats living on the roof.

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Scarlett said...

This pot mad me laugh so much