Monday, June 7, 2010

Rules is Rules

Rues is rules. We all should obey the rules. Or at least pretend that we are abiding by the rules. There are rules for everything - even how to act properly. And rules should make sense and be justifiable. I do try to follow the rules. That is the posted rules - rules that I know about. Then, there are those unwritten rules. How does one address the unwritten rules.

Let's look at the swimming rules for the Florida state parks. Some seem senseless. Who makes these rules? Why are they not all posted? Are some rules made johnny-on-the-spot? Does a twenty year old lifeguard make the rules and then demands that his 16 year old underling enforce these silly rules? Rules is rules but still they need to make sense.

At Rainbow River state park you can only take snoodles in the crystal clear water. Why not floaties? At Blue Springs state park you can take just about anything. No rules are posted. Take one step outside the designated swim area and you are immediately escorted from the park. This rule is posted and is one I would never mess around with.
At DeLeon Springs state park you can take huge rafts In the water and take food and drink in the water. Where are these rules posted. At Weeki Wachee Springs the rules are well - absurd. When floating down the lazy river which is just a roped off section of the river you must STAY in the tube. No snorkeling. No swimming. No snorkel gear in the lap lane. Well that rule depends on which lifeguard you talk with. One said yes and one said no. Okay buddies - get your rules straight. And absolutely no congregating in the refreshing water on a serious hot day at the end of the lazy river. Why? You are just sitting in your tube enjoying the day and not exiting the water. No one is around and you are obstructing no one or the flow of the river. What gives with this stupid rule? Who made up this rule?

Is there a rule committee that decides these rules? What is there criteria? Do they have facts to back these foolish rules? Like sitting in a tube for five minutes in the water causes water pollution? I want consistency and facts with my rules.
But yet we have no rules for polluting our water and killing our marine life with oil spills. Rules is rules. We do need them but they need to be sensible.

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