Monday, June 21, 2010

Escape from Alcatraz

The turtle pond is getting a much needed makeover. Actually the whole thing is being reconstructed by hubby. He is so good. The old ponds were removed and a temporary pond was set up for the little buddies. The non-permanent pond was placed in the side yard in the full sun with a buffet of minnows to help them cope. Turtles - at least my turtles do not like any type of change or movement of their habitat.

I go outside to check on the buddies and give them some veggies and I notice Scarface the youngest and smallest is AWOL. Never underestimate the climbing power of turtles.

I am in panic mode. Oh no another lost turtle. I thought I had lost Jim the box turtle but he was found safe and within the confines of the fence. We run around the yard in search of Scarface. Horrific thoughts scrambled inside my head. The road, the traffic, the dogs and other predators. I was sick. My baby exposed to all kinds of terror.

He's no where in the yard. This throws me into a total panic mode. Where could the little guy have gone? And then out of the corner of my eye ( without contacts) I see a small rock two driveways down. The rock moves and then so do I. There was the little darling just sunning himself in the neighbors driveway.

I picked him up and gave him a thorough tongue lashing and placed his sorry little butt back in the non-permanent pond and covered it with a screen. Their new home should be finished by late today.

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