Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vacations to go

Vacations are wonderful - sometimes when they are over. Too much sitting in the car - way too much fast food and that sweet tea. A quart of ice tea on intake and the output is about two gallons. Interstate I-95 in Georgia has one rest area. Yep - ONE! Georgia does havoc on my bladder. The Pennsylvania turnpike has one 'Service Area' in a hundred mile span. Bladder explosion. The Mass. turnpike closes some of there 'Welcome Centers' on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Hello - it's summer on Cape Cod and no I do not like those porta-potties. They haven't been serviced in about 6 months. EEEWWWWWW. The ferry across Currituck sound has a one staller and a gazillion people on board. The whale watching boat had three spaces and a mega gazillion people searching for whales and drinking lots of ice tea.

I won't even discuss the episode on the Pennsylvania turnpike. It's something I truly want to forget and move forward with my life. Hubby is taking great pride in retelling the 'incident' as he calls it. I'll give him an incident right on his backside with my foot.

So let's just say I was facility challenged during my road trip. But hey - I did get to see whales and osprey. And then that road rage with a truck and his message plastered across the back window that said - 'HEY BOY'. That says it all. Oh and 'Marine Boy' you with the red Tundra truck - you suck. We ain't in Kansas anymore - move over and get out of the way. Yes, other cars can pass you.
Road rage is a scary thing and there is a lot of it out there.

You the jerk that pulled right in front of us doing 80 with no turn signal or look in the rear view mirror - yes, that was a horn honk and you deserved it for being a jerk and take that finger of yours the one you flipped at us and put it someplace where the sun don't shine - like up your nose. You get the stupid award and bad driver of the year award.

It feels soooo good to be home - sleeping on my own comfy bed (no more couches) swimming in my own pool and having a bathroom at my disposal. And no more highways that last an eternity with no facilities and no more rude and obnoxious drivers. Well the drivers will be there.

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