Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tiny Tank

Sadness is like a rogue wave. It comes unexpected out of nowhere and crashes into the calm and predictability of life. It knocks you down and then just as quickly it comes back for more and knocks you down again. One has to be a strong swimmer and get out of the rip tide. Sometimes weakness springs into action and deters our goals.

We are dragged out to the sea of unknown and unwanted. The horizon fades as fast as an ice cream cone in the heat of the summer. We are lost and disoriented surrounded by angry whitecaps. The white frothy molecules beat us relentlessly. Now is the time to sink or swim.

As always the rogue wave disappears and rolls out back to sea. The beach is quiet and serene once again as if nothing has happened to disturb the dunes or sea life. No remnants remain of the wave that tipped life upside down and swirled back out to sea. Nothing visible. Beneath the white sand and they swaying beach grass is a tear in the lining of emotions and dreams.

Eventually the gap seals itself and life resumes as before. The tide rolls in and crashes gently against the shoreline. The sun rises, the day begins the sun sets and the day ends. A little turtle named Tank has drifted off to that place beyond the dunes where time stands still but the clock still ticks.

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