Monday, July 19, 2010

Reality Bites

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson are trying to get a reality television program. HHHMMM. Who cares? It seems like everyone except for me is getting a reality t.v. program, making mega bucks and riding off into the sunset with their saddle bags full of money. What about me? Whahhhh. I mean really - will people turn on the television and watch these two? What can be so interesting about their life? A couple of snot nosed kids and both have wacko mothers.

Yes, there may be a little drama in their public life but that's already in all the magazines. If we want to know what smut is going on just go to the grocery store and read the tabloid headlines as you waiting for the line to move.

Now that would be a good reality television program - the crap that goes on in a grocery store. Lots of material there. And then there is my life - overflowing with drama and suspense. Why doesn't Hollywood approach me?

But would I want a camera in my face when I roll out of bed in the morning? NO! Or filming me while taking a bath with a cast on my foot hanging over the side of the tub trying not to get it wet. They could get some good clips when my klutziness kicks in. there was the time I ran face first into the sliding glass doors. They could have animated the stars that I saw. I have never sent any of my children up in the air in a homemade hot air balloon - but it's worth a try. Aliens do come down to visit me occasionally.

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