Sunday, July 25, 2010

Swim at your own risk

Sometimes my dreams involve themes. My theme last night was water. Water is one of my favorite elements. It's part of my soul. I think in my past life I must have been a fish or perhaps a piece of a coral reef - like a brain coral.

These past two weeks have been totally without water joy. Due to the stitches on the sole of my foot I am water deprived. No pool, no foot in the tub or puddle jumping. This rule has weighed heavily on me especially due to the fact that this has been the hottest summer in years and I cannot go in the pool.

So my dreams of water surely must have a connection to my recent issue of lack of water. The first dream was me and hubby swimming down a river that was tea colored similar to the St. John's River that flows upstream to the north. An oddity of sorts but then this is Florida. And in Florida almost every fresh body of water including mud puddles has at least one alligator as resident troll.

So it would not be like me to swim in not so crystal clear water in Florida. There are also water moccasins that travel the waterways. So here we are swimming in this water after dark and we come to a tunnel. This summer we drove over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel - a correlation here? We are swimming in this tunnel and I am carrying some contraption that cannot get wet. (My foot?) We are worried that a car might come through and run us over. There is water in this tunnel. Another correlation - watched the history channel last night and they highlighted the aqua car. It was a dark and scary tunnel sort of like the drama in my life.

The next dream back in that fresh Florida water again but this time with a group of kindergarten sweeties. I had about 20 of them in this very long kayak. The white plastic seats kept coming unsnapped. And of course the little darlings would not sit in line order or leave the plastic seats snapped. They jumped out of the kayak and would not follow instruction. That's kindergarten kids for ya. One little girl could not speak clearly. I tried my best to control the situation but had no success.

I turned around and the little girl who could not communicate turned into a doll and was at the bottom of the water. I reached down and pulled her out gave her a couple of rescue breaths and she was fine.

I could interpret these wack dreams in many ways. They all seem to correspond to my life and the drama clouds. Last night we had a horrific thunder, lightning and rain storm. I fell asleep to the raindrops pounding the roof. I try to analyze my dreams and relate them to the current issues in my drama filled life. Sometimes I am at a loss over the meanings or implications of my nightly fantasies. I'd consult a dream doctor but the insurance doesn't cover them.

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