Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Crimson Stain

Drama surrounds me like a cloud of mosquitos on a camping trip without any bug repellent. I’ve never been inspired to be a drama queen but the daily drama follows me as if it were my permanent shadow or an extra appendage. Speaking of extra appendages my daughter-in-laws step father was born with extra digits on his hands. He has twelve fingers to my ten. I bet he was good at math with two extra fingers to count with. He even produced off spring with extra appendages.

My hubby of many moons describes drama as clouds drifting in and out of one’s life. There are the big, dark threatening clouds that cause enough havoc to start a major war between the north and south. The soft billowy white puffs of cotton that completely cover the sun and turns you into to a lost in space cadet. It’s hard to find the life path when the sun has disappeared to a safe house. Following the road less traveled without any ruts is a lifelong journey. I have documented my relentless journey.

I think I may be obsessive compulsive. Just a touch. My name is Delta. My friends and family refer to me as Delta Dawn after that song. I’m not totally convinced this is a good nickname. If you listen closely to the lyrics old Delta’s cogs are not turning properly. There’s a lot of hesitation going on in the mechanical department. So what are my friends and family implying? My cogs are stuck? Well, that’s family for ya. So if my cogs are gunked up it is most likely due to hereditary issues. No fault of my own. Perhaps, they too have noticed my OCD.

When I hear a song that catches my heart I play that song over and over and over again. I do Google searches to seek out all the aspiring musicians that have sung the song and all the goofs who have placed a video on You tube. This episode can go on for weeks then, I break down and purchase the CD listen to it once or twice and then file it away.

Sometimes I find an author that I adore and read all of their books. I stay up till the wee hours in the morning with my reading marathon. I don’t eat, sleep or walk the dog. I read. I read until my eyes cross and then pull out the magnifying glass to help me unblur the words.

Every couple of months I buy these awesome sugar cookies from the bakery and eat them non-stop. One day I will buy the chocolate frosted and the next day I will buy the ones with pink frosting and sprinkles. I devour them like a starving artist. After a few days of that I can’t even look at cookies.

My spinach saga was a sight to behold. Six solid months of my life I ate spinach for lunch. Green goes in and green comes out. I used to feel comforted by the color of green but now it is vomit provoking. My kitchen was a lovely shade of green which after the spinach saga the color nauseated me so I painted it pink. Pepto Bismo pink to be exact and it sure wakes one up in the morning.

So, I can see my obsessive compulsiveness and most likely others see my affliction. I think I do this bizarre behavior to eliminate my stress. My life is saturated with stress and all those clouds of drama lurking over my head. Mostly it’s the dark and furious clouds that add the drama of my life.

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