Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tar Ball Tours

I went whale watching while in Cape Cod this summer. It was awesome. Then, my minds starts calculating hundreds of people times $40.00. That looks like retirement money.

Lots and lots of whales putting on a show for the tourists. We saw no whale fishermen. And if I were a member of Greenpeace and saw the whale fisherman I could have thrown my body in their nets to save a whale. Then, it surely would have been an interactive tour. So this bizarre thought pops into my pea brain about tours in Florida.

So, you may ask? what does Florida (the gulf side) have to offer in the way of interactive tours? The Florida tour could be called 'The Tar Ball tour'. I could take tourists out in search of oil debris. The tourists would have a special net and scoop that oil right out of the Gulf of Mexico. We would be saving our earth, feeling good about our humanitarian work and making me rich.

First, I would need a boat - a big boat to carry all those people out to oil country because it has not hit my Florida beaches yet. And a boat driver, and insurance, and a dock and money for advertising and all those special nets to pick up the oil. $40.00 bucks a pop and the tourists doing most of the work. I see green in my future plus all the oil would be removed from the Gulf of Mexico, all marine life and vegetation would be saved along with tourism in several states and I would be a hero.

Sounds like a great idea to me. I wonder why BP doesn't start something like this?

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