Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old Goats Wife

I've been hobbling around for a week and a half with this foolish looking boot on my surgically impaired foot. It's big, clunky and quite noticeable. The fact that I walk like a drunken duck also plays into the scenario of - look at that poor woman.

The really odd and strange thing about this contraption on my left foot is the constant stream of comments. And the comments are so similar it's down right creepy. These are comments from total strangers, people you pass in the grocery store aisle, people holding open the door for you at the thrift store, the doctors receptionist and people in the waiting room of the dentists office.

The most frequent comment is - "You must have kicked him really hard." "What made you kick him?" "Did he deserve that kick?"

Is this a comment people would make to a man who is with a woman? "Did you kick her?" Is this comment a socially acceptable comment? Why does it seem okay to make a comment placing the blame on hubby? Sure, it seems funny but do they really think that? Is it just a conversation comment? How about - "Hello." And yes, I do think it's a bit funny when the comment is made. I laugh. Should I be laughing?

What are these people thinking about me? Do they really think I would kick my mate? Sometimes I feel like it. So, are they reading my mind? Perhaps I should wear my shirt in public that says - 'Old Goat's Wife.'

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