Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dental dilemnas

You just know it's going to be a bad day when - suddenly - you realize that you have put on your underwear inside out and you have a dentist appointment. This is never-never a good sign. Especially bad when you hate the dentist more so than having your toenails ripped off during a wedding reception.

I would rather hang upside down over an alligator pit than go to the dentist. Early life trauma must have scarred me for life. Either with the dentist or inside out underwear - not quite sure.

So the reality of the situation hits you smack in the face when you realize the underwear mistake. Is your mind befuddled due to the dentist appointment that is only for a cleaning but still it's in the dentist office with drills and things that go bump and then there are all those stupid questions he asks you when the drill bit is drilling inside your mouth.

Do that teach that technique in dental school? Hello - Mr. Dentist but do you really expect me to give an audible answer? I must say my dentist knows about my phobia and is easy on me. If he was aware of the way I dress myself perhaps he would not be so congenial.

I have redressed myself but still have that nauseous feeling in the back of my throat that may or may not exit in the dental chair. Now that I am placing my fears and phobias in print I feel worser! Worser is much more worse than worse. It's the worsest! Well, actually going to the dentist is worsefull and to think it is just a cleaning. At least my panties are not in a knot just my intestines.

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Lyrics of Love and Lore said...

Yeah, I've got this dental technician who insists on chatting chatting chatting while screwing around in my gaping maw. I have no idea how to respond to her and wish I could just yeall "SHUT UP!!!"

But, of course, I cannot utter a word. Her mindless chatter is far worser than her doin's in my mouth.