Monday, July 26, 2010

Ask How Dot Com

Has the thought ever skittered across the back recesses of you mind concerning - 'where do pigeons sleep at night'? Probably not!

Well, it is one of life's greatest mysteries to me. I mean in a big city it is obvious that they live, eat and sleep on the ledges of skyscrapers. But what about in very small cities or towns without tall buildings? They don't roost in trees and most of the buildings are less than two stories with no ledges.

Do they have a ron-de-vue meeting place? Do they have an empty building they are drawn to? Where oh where do they go? This is on my mind and I need answers.

During the day they are in your face but when darkness falls they fall off the face of the earth. And what about baby pigeons? Have you ever seen a baby pigeon or a pigeon nest? I haven't. I guess it will be one of those mysteries in my life that go unanswered.

I found this site, it helps a little.

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