Friday, July 23, 2010


Eons ago we owned a sailboat. It was a small sailboat only room for two fools. And one of them was me. I love water and I like boats only too late did I find out I don't like sailboats. A tiny sailboat on a big-big lake to be exact. Huge freighters were passing by and this was not in a no-wake zone. I was terrified. I felt like an ant crossing a six lane highway. What were my chances?

So, the sailboat and me drifted apart. She eventually ended up in the garage and was sadly (not so) forgotten. One day spring clean up came along and she was dragged out to the garage sale. Apparently there are not too many sailboat lovers that frequent garage sales for sailboats. Back to the garage she went.

More time passed and then it was really time for her to go. She went back to a garage sale and was purchased for pennies on the pound. She was a lightweight.

This past summer part of her emerged again. Who would have known. Somehow my brother had one of her sails and it was my job to transport the sail in an over packed small car halfway across the country to deliver to another brother. So, her sail went for a summer ride in the back of an overloaded car.

"It won't fit my sailboat. I don't want it," said brother number two. She is packed back into the overstuffed car and travels many more miles through many more states. It was a perfectly good sail I just couldn't throw it away. She went home to Florida with us in that overstuffed small car.

I had this bright idea to string the sail over the turtle ponds to give my guys a little shade from the hot Florida sun. So now I sit outside and listen to the sail flap in the breeze and pretend I'm on some ocean voyage in a truly wonderful and enormous sailboat - sailing around the world. I sip my coffee prop my feet up and watch the sail dance to the music of the wind. She is in wonderful shape after all these years. My thoughts drift back to the boat and wonder whose garage she is sitting in right now.

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