Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Follow the yellow brick road

Life is like a roller coaster. Twists and turns, starts and stops, bumps and jerks, fast and faster, at times it can suck the breathe right out of you. Upside down and your adrenaline is pumping like the burst oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Wait - they have capped it - kinda - sorta - maybe.

Rolling along at the speed of sound with the wind pushing against your face causing lips to flap and a very bad hair day. The rush is on. A jerk to the right and then to the left. The G force has pushed you over the edge and back again. Then, the slow creep up the straight incline and you know what happens when you get to the top - down you go again. Faster and faster out of control.

The roller coaster comes to an end and off you go on to the next thrill the next uncertainty. Legs are a little wobbly but you adjust. Life itself can be wobbly and uncertain but so like the roller coaster it ends and we go on. We each have specific avenues of searching out and finding our peace. Some of those avenues may be positive and some may be negative. What you do after disembarking from that roller coaster is the pathway to the land of Oz or the depths of doom.

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