Friday, June 11, 2010

Blue Heaven

I don't know why I expect life to be fair, an easy ride and smooth sailing. But it isn't. I keep waiting for a day without issues, heartache and total calmness. It eludes me. So I search for my own little piece of the pie somewhere inside myself and move on.

The news is beyond depressing and I sit by and watch as our wonderful earth is destroyed by greed and stupidity. I view the creatures that are dripping with oil and wonder - why do we let this happen? I try to be responsible - but others take no responsibility for there actions or in actions. Is the bottom line just money?

Newspapers add to the doom and gloom of the world. A focus of positiveness is hard to find in the reading material. So here I sit typing away my grievances and it makes me feel a little better or at least points me in the right direction.

And then there is the ever present family dilemmas. Oh - for a reprieve.

Today I am happy because.....
1. I got a real cute haircut last night and hubby thinks it's sexy.
2. No school today or for the next two months.
3. The Internet is no longer down.

I have so much to be happy about that my list is almost endless. If only the bad stuff would fade away with that last school bus pulling away from school with a boatload of students. HA!!!

The Blue Heaven appears right before my eyes. And I drift away to a place that is a combination of tranquility and craziness.